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Develop and Integrate echo friendly technology 

Echo friendly buildings

is a sound business investment

and not a passing trend

Technology Features

Integrate the latest technology features during your home design phase to save.

  • Automation

  • Energy management

  • Electrical layout for the future

  • Watermanagement

  • Security

  • Broadband

  • Heating and Cooling systems

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Ensure optimum efficiency of Energy management systems.

Consult with Architect, Designer and Owner/developer on the layout to optimise efficiencies and placement of technologies for the lowest impact and maximum benefit. Technology accommodating features an be integrated to be out of site and part of the design.

Secure the Investment

By optimising technology integration during the design phase there can be significant savings in the building phase on time and cost.

Making provision in the design now for future technology requirements secure your investment and limit the impact and cost of additional technical systems later in the life of the building.

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